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Savoury Puff Pastry. Click for more information...
Product Code
Savoury Puff Pastry
Four servings per pack.
$ 11.80
GST Free
Cinnamon Donut. Click for more information...
Product Code
Cinnamon Donut
Donuts are sold in packs of 8
$ 10.20
GST Included
Hot X Buns Chocolate. Click for more information...
Product Code
Hot X Buns Chocolate
Hot X Buns are sold in packs of 6
$ 9.99
GST Free
Chocolate Eclair. Click for more information...
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Chocolate Eclair
Eclairs are sold in packs of 3
$ 8.25
GST Included
Lamington. Click for more information...
Product Code
Lamingtons are sold in packs of 6
$ 11.15
GST Included
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Phone (07) 3888 3289     Fax (07) 3888 7959

In Person at our Store

Glutenfree Bakery
Unit 1, 10 Helium Street
Narangba Queensland Australia 4504

Open Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 4.00 pm
Saturday 9.00 am to 12 noon

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Welcome to Glutenfree Bakery.

We would like to wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a bright and Happy 2021.

Please note that we will be closing for business on Wednesday 23rd December at 4pm and will reopen in the New Year on Monday 4th January, 2021.

At Glutenfree Bakery we are very aware of the growing concern and focus on Coronavirus (COVID-19), and the health and safety of our family, team, customers and entire community who are all very important to us.

We have a rigorous hygiene and handling procedure in place throughout the making, baking and packaging of all our products. This includes regular hand washing, equipment and surface sanitisation and wearing of gloves when appropriate. All deliveries into the bakery site and out of the bakery site, are well sanitised and disinfected prior to being accepted or being dispatched.

We regularly have Food Safety Audits in our Bakery ensuring the food safety and hygiene practices are being followed.

We are following closely updated from both Federal and State Government bodies as well as Local Government updates, to ensure we are complying with all requirements.

We believe our customers deserve to feel as safe as possible when purchasing and consuming our products.

Some of the ingredients we use, and also some of the packaging we use comes from overseas, and is unfortunately not available in Australia. It may be difficult to source some of these items over the coming months, but at the present time all stock is available. Some products may require alternate packaging and so may look a little different in the freezer. While we are hoping that this will not happen too soon, we will still have our Blue and Gold labeling, so you will be able to identify our products.

Thank you for your ongoing support and please be assured that we will be doing our very best to continue to keep our products available to you, and continue to supply your local stores.

Why miss out on all the good things in life?

At Glutenfree Bakery we produce products that are not only Gluten free, but also Allergy free and manufactured in a Gluten free environment.

We Pride ourselves on the fun things to eat. The type of product that most Coeliacs seem to miss out on.

Latest Update. Our Puff Pastry has been improved and now it is tastier than ever. If you have any recipes that have used our pastry why not visit our Facebook page and share the recipes.

How often have you yearned for a mouth-watering Muffin, a delicious Apple Strudel, a tasty Sausage Roll or a lipsmacking Pizza? Well, at Glutenfree Bakery we produce a whole range of really exciting gluten free award winning products that will having you asking for more!

If you are wondering.. Just how good are our Products?
Well we've won awards in the 3 competitions we have entered in the

Great Aussie Meat Pie Competition
We won a GOLD and SILVER award in 2012.
We won FIVE Silver awards in 2008.
We won TWO Bronze Awards in 2007.
and this is competing with all the other entrants products which are not Gluten Free..

Based just outside Brisbane at Narangba, we deliver to a large number of health food throughout Queensland and other States of Australia and, in some cases, direct to you.

If you wish to Retail or Wholesale our products, Please contact us. We can be contacted via EMAIL, phone, fax or you can visit us at:

Glutenfree Bakery
Unit 1, 10 Helium Street
Narangba Queensland Australia 4504
Phone (07) 3888 3289
Fax (07) 3888 7959

For Gluten free Products - 100% true
Look for the label that's Gold & Blue

Latest 3 Articles summary
News Article

Puff Pastry Customer Review
Written by Ben Dryza (Customer)
Created / Updated on Wednesday 25th of March 2020

Hi there!

Thanks so much for your GF puff pastry!! I'm 50 years old and was diagnosed coeliac aged 7.

This pastry is THE BUSINESS. Attached are photos of Greek and feta pie which we cooked this evening. Tasted as good as it looks! Thanks again. We purchased the pastry from Dr Earth in King Street, Newtown, Sydney.

    Read Full Article.    
News Article

Great Aussie Meat Pie Competition
Created / Updated on Wednesday 24th of September 2014
In 2012 we entered two Pies and won a GOLD and SILVER Awards in the Gourmet Category at the:

Previous Years Awards are:

    Read Full Article.    
News Article

Palm Oil - Gift from Nature
Created / Updated on Wednesday 24th of September 2014
MOI and the sustainable Palm Oil Industry in Malaysia Palm Oil

Gift from Nature, Gift for Life

Palm oil is the newest world commodity, but is already the target of scare-mongering that mixes bad science with poor knowledge.

Fact: The World Health Organisation have endorsed palm oil as meeting food standards under Codex Alimentarius Commission Programme. A balanced vegetable oil and source of energy, it is free of cholesterol and virtually fr .....
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Some of our Product Range

glutenfree bakery product
glutenfree bakery product

Now Available
Hot Cross Buns.
Chocolate Hot Cross Buns.
glutenfree bakery product Savoury and Sweet Puff Pastry Sheets

Glutenfree Bakery have now included Two exciting Puff Pastry products to their Range

glutenfree bakery product

Savoury and Sweet Puff Pastry Sheets

Our latest edition is just divine. If you like to spoil yourself - this is for you!

Lipsmacking Pizza!
Choose from our Hawaiian, Meat Lovers, Vegetarian or Chicken Flavours. We'll make you a Pizza you can't refuse!
glutenfree bakery product

Delicious Danish!
2 superb Danish pastries! Try out our new Apple and Blueberry or Apricot. Great for breakfast or afternoon tea.
glutenfree bakery product

Some of our Product Range
glutenfree bakery product range

For purchasing, contact your local Health Foods Store, or check through our list of Stores for the closest outlet to you. If you are unable to find one, please feel free to contact us.
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