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News Article

Palm Oil - Gift from Nature
Created / Updated on Wednesday 24th of September 2014
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MOI and the sustainable Palm Oil Industry in Malaysia
Palm Oil

Gift from Nature, Gift for Life

Palm oil is the newest world commodity, but is already the target of scare-mongering that mixes bad science with poor knowledge.

Fact: The World Health Organisation have endorsed palm oil as meeting food standards under Codex Alimentarius Commission Programme. A balanced vegetable oil and source of energy, it is free of cholesterol and virtually free of Trans fatty acids and packed with health inducing Vitamin A and E. It has over 12 times the amount of Vitamin A as Carrots and is the worlds richest known source of tocotrianols, a potent nutrient found in Vitamin E.

Fact: In one year, oil palm generates an average 21.3 tonnes of Oxygen per ha. unlike soybean which only generates an average of 2.56 tonnes of Oxygen per ha per year. From the same planted areas, oil palm absorbed an average of 29.3 tonne per ha of green house gas Carbon Dioxide, compared to soybean only absorbing an average of 3.52 tonnes per ha.

For more facts and information on Palm Oil download the attached 2 page PDF brochure.

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