Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gluten Free ?

Gluten free means a product manufactured without Wheat and Gluten. This also indicates that the product will not contain rye, oats, barley or triticale as these also contain gluten. Also it implies that a product is manufactured in a Gluten free environment.

Why is Gluten Free Needed ?

What Is the Cause of Coeliac Disease?

Coeliacs are sensitive to gluten (the protein portion of wheat, rye, oats, barley, triticale), which reacts with the small bowel lining, damaging it and causing loss of villi.

Information About Coeliac Disease

In Coeliac Disease the cells of the small bowel (intestine) are damaged. This causes the loss of the tiny, finger like projections, called villi, which line the inside of the normal bowel. The cells on normal villi are specialized so that they can break down and absorb nutrients in food. In Coeliac Disease these special cells are damaged and reduced in number. This leads to deficiencies in vitamins, iron, folic acid and calcium, because of the poor absorption of nutrients.
Source:The Coeliac Society Of Australia LogoThe Coeliac Society Of Australia.
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Can I buy Direct? Can I retail your Products?

That's no problem at all. Please feel free to contact us via EMAIL, Phone or Fax for more information.

Is there a Price List to Download ?

Yes. We have a price list that can be downloaded from the THIS LINK. This is a PDF document which you can print out and then faxed or posted to us.

Who Are We ?

We produce products that are not only Gluten free, but also Allergy free and manufactured in a Gluten free environment. We can be contacted via EMAIL Or you can visit us at:

Glutenfree Bakery
Unit 1, 10 Helium Street
Narangba Queensland Australia 4504
Phone (07) 3888 3289
Fax (07) 3888 7959

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